BarBox launches in US with range of eco-friendly boxed cocktails


New American ready-to-drink (RTD) brand BarBox is preparing to serve up bar-quality cocktails to consumers around the US.

The start-up company offers a variety of premium cocktails, made with artisanal spirits and all-natural accompaniments. It uses eco-friendly bag-in-box packaging, part of the Smurfit Kappa Better Planet Packaging initiative, which is fully recyclable and biodegradable – ideal for the eco-conscious drinker.

The RTD market has made significant gains in the US and elsewhere this year as the Covid-19 pandemic pushed many social gatherings outside, increasing the demand for portable drinks that didn’t require a compromise on quality. 

Co-founders and brothers Jacob and Matthias Kozuba said: “We set out to create a line ofo easy-to-enjoy cocktails that offer a delicious experience every time. We’ve selected classic cocktails made with quality and natural ingredients for unparalleled flavour.”

BarBox’s bag-in-box drinks come with a spout for ease of service – just pour over ice and garnish to your taste. The range launches with three classics: a Cosmopolitan with lemon-infused vodka; a Negroni; and a Vodka Sour with blueberry simple syrup.

Each BarBox serves more than 14 four-ounce cocktails and retails for $24.99. The products are available to purchase from selected retailers in Florida, California, Colorado, Illinois and New York, with plans to bring more markets on stream in 2021.

26 November 2020 – Bethany Whymark


New Ready-to-Drink Line of Classic Cocktails

BarBox Negroni, Vodka Sour, and Cosmopolitan

St. Petersburg, FL (November 17, 2020) — New to the ready-to-drink (RTD) scene, BarBox offers avariety of premium yet playful craft cocktails easily imbibed on the go. Made with fine artisan spirits and carefully selected all-natural ingredients, BarBox is served in their signature eco-friendly boxed packaging that is lightweight and convenient for bringing along on daily adventures.

“We set out to create a line of easy-to-enjoy cocktails that offer a delicious experience every time.” Co-Founders and brothers Jacob and Matthias Kozuba continued, “We’ve selected classic cocktails made with quality and natural ingredients for unparalleled flavor. Our Bag-in-Box is part of the Smurfit Kappa Better Planet Packaging initiative and is fully recyclable and biodegradable, making it a more sustainable approach than traditional packaging options.”

With its signature bag-in-a-box packaging, BarBox is at the forefront of sustainability in the spirits industry, so craft cocktail connoisseurs can drink easy and deliciously knowing they are being mindful about their impact on the environment. The ready-to-drink style offers easy portability for those with an adventurous spirit and lifestyle. BarBox combines fresh ingredients and distinguished spirits and is designed with modern convenience in mind making it perfectly suited for on-the-go, outdoor gatherings.

Whether beachside, camping or picnicking in the park, BarBox makes craft cocktails more enjoyable and accessible than ever before. Simply push to break the seal on the box, pull to extend the spout, pour the cocktail over ice, then garnish for a complete bar experience. Inside the box, consumers can pop and pour premium artisan spirits and curated all-natural ingredients. The BarBox launch collection includes three timeless cocktails:

  • The Cosmopolitan, which features lemon-infused vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice, serves a fruit-packed, thirst-quenching flavor.
  • The Negroni includes gin, bitter liqueur, white wine with natural flavors, making for a sweet and herbal experience.
  • The Vodka Sour showcases vodka, blueberry simple syrup, and lemon juice for a simple yet expressive take on this classic cocktail.

Each BarBox serves over 14 four-ounce cocktails, and retails for $24.99 SRP. BarBox will be available for purchase at select retailers this holiday season in Florida, California, Colorado, Illinois, and New York. To locate BarBox, visit

About BarBox Matthias and Jacob Kozuba, brothers and Co-Founders of BarBox, grew up in Poland. They nurtured their love of distilling and spirits under the mentorship of their master distiller father, Zbigniew “Papa” Kozuba, while helping run the family Kozuba & Sons Distillery. When they decided to move the operation to the United States, they settled down in St. Petersburg, Florida. Matthias and Jacob saw an immediate opportunity for a ready-to-drink cocktail experience that spoke to the craft cocktail-loving, quality-driven, eco-conscious consumer. To learn more about BarBox, please visit or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BarBoxCocktails.

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The Cosmopolitan, it’s chic to drink pink.


Carrie Bradshaw brought the Cosmo into the limelight 1990s, which caused a surge of young women ordering the pink hued beverage on girls’ night out and purchasing Manolo Blahnik shoes in droves.

And while the exact origins of the cocktail are hotly debated, the drink is a distant ancestor of the classic Daisy cocktail. The most well-known (and widely accepted) story is that in 1975, bartender Neal Murray created the Cosmopolitan by adding a splash of cranberry juice to a Kamikaze. Allegedly, the first taster took a sip and said, “How cosmopolitan.” Our signature Cosmo is made with lemon infused vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice. Serve in rocks glass over ice, or if you prefer, in a martini glass, so you too can be fabulous. 

Vodka Sour, from the British Navy to your backyard.


The British Navy is credited for popularizing, if not inventing the Sour. In fact, Vice Admiral Edward Vernon was known to serve his crew rum diluted with water, which was referred to as “grog.

Because sailors often suffered from scurvy, and to make the concoction more palatable, some sailors started adding lime or lemon juice to mask the flavor. The first record of the Sour is in 1856 with the written recipe for a Sour appearing six years later.

The Sour has a simple three-ingredient construction—base spirit, citrus and sweetener, plus water (from ice) adding essential dilution. Our Sour uses vodka, and for that extra flare, we added all-natural blueberry-infused simple syrup.

Served over ice, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy outdoors while contemplating, how many sailors went overboard from over-imbibing?

The Negroni, a grown-up Americano.


Legend has it that in 1919 Florence, Italy, Count Camillo Negroni asked bartender Forsco Scarsello to replace the soda water in his Americano with gin. An orange garnish was added, creating the first known Negroni.

Nowadays you rarely see an Americano on a cocktail menu or hear someone order the drink at a bar. When you hear “Americano”, does coffee come to mind? So, what is an Americano cocktail?

Quite simply, an Americano is composed of Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water – garnished with a slice of lemon. The Americano was created in Italy and was originally called Milano-Torino, but because of its popularity among American tourists, the cocktail was renamed.

The Americano also makes appearances as a beverage of choice by Bond, James Bond, himself.

We prefer our cocktail with gin, over ice, stirred, not shaken.