BarBox base spirits are all distilled six (6) times, which is industry gold standard. However, the number of distillations is not the key factor in quality. The overall quality of a spirit depends on a variety of factors: distilling, equipment setup, ingredients, distilling technique, and the distiller’s experience, knowledge and intuition, too.

BarBox utilizes Kozuba & Sons Distillery  ward-winning spirits and the Kozuba Family distilling heritage, which instantly elevates the quality of our product to the next level. Throw in all-natural ingredients and Kozuba’s respect for tradition and classic cocktails, and you get your perfect cocktail in a box.


Each BarBox cocktail varies on proof ranging between 40 to 52 proof. BarBox can be enjoyed at full strength or scaled back by adding more ice or seltzer water to create a spritzer. Higher proof is also essential for maintaining shelf-life without using preservatives.

  • Negroni: 52 proof, 26% ABV
  • Vodka Sour: 40 proof, 20% ABV
  • Cosmopolitan: 48 proof, 24% ABV

The calories in each BarBox are calculated per serving size (4 oz cocktail). Calories in our cocktails come from three ingredients: alcohol, simple syrup and fruit juices. To make a lighter, lower proof cocktail, we suggest adding your favorite club soda to make a spritzer, which will still be packed with plenty of flavor. We have consciously chosen cane sugar for our cocktails - instead of other types of sweeteners - as we strongly believe in fully natural and traditional ingredients as per the original recipes for our classic cocktails.

  • Vodka Sour - 187 kcal per 4 oz serving (94 kcal per serving for spritzer version)
  • Negroni - 211 kcal per 4 oz serving (106 kcal per serving for spritzer version)
  • Cosmopolitan - 207 kcal per 4 oz serving (104 kcal per serving for spritzer version)

Because of the high proof of our cocktails and the innovative design of our bag-in-a-box packaging, our cocktails have a long shelf-life without using any additives, like Xanthan Gum or any preservative. We recommend storing and enjoying your opened or unopened BarBox at room temp or a little cooler. Opened or unopened, BarBox cocktails maintain freshness for many months when properly stored. If you like your cocktails colder, store your BarBox in the refrigerator. We do not recommend storing BarBox in the freezer or on ice - it will affect the integrity of the cocktail and the packaging, making the box soggy.

Believe it or not, standard single-serve cocktails are 4 ounces. Because our cocktails are made with highproof spirits, this makes them as strong as traditional cocktails.

Yes, BarBox cocktails do not contain wheat or gluten. The spirits used to make our Vodka Sour, Negroni, and Cosmopolitan are corn-based.


BarBox is now available for purchase at select retailers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington. BarBox is also available to purchase online in select regions.

We are working on securing additional distribution partners throughout the United States. Keep checking back for more information. Think Outside the Box and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear where we’ll be next.


BarBox has committed to sustainability in the spirits industry with our Better Planet Packaging “bag-in-box” product style and other sustainability commitments. The corrugated cardboard is a combination of virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests and recovered fibers from recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

Each BarBox contains 14 four (4) ounce cocktails.

BarBox offers bag-in-a-box style cocktails that are ready to drink in three easy steps: push to break the seal, pull to extend the spout, then remove the safety seal.