Pop, Pour, Garnish, Ahhh!


Rejoice! BarBox is now available for purchase in select regions online and in stores. So, what do you do when you get your hands on your first BarBox order? You pop, pour, garnish and enjoy, of course.

To get you started on your next BarBox cocktail hour, here are our tips for max enjoyment:

1. Serving Tips

Traditionally, a Cosmopolitan is served with a lime or lemon wheel or peel. We like to stick with the classic style here, but you can add ice if you’re in the mood.

Negroni cocktails should be served on ice with an orange peel. We like a lot of ice with our Negroni, because it packs quite a punch.

Serve our Vodka Sour over ice – you can also add sparkling water to make it a spritzer – garnish with a lemon wedge and add some blueberries to get your fruit serving for the day.

2. Shared Enjoyment

Sharing looks a little different these days, but BarBox is still begging to be shared with your best pals. The good news is that the weather is warming up, so outdoor gatherings + BarBox will be your go-to for hanging with your pod.

Take BarBox with you on your next excursion, and enjoy together – responsibly, safely, and with style. Soon, we’ll be releasing some pretty sweet insulated to-go cocktail mugs. Oh yes.

3. Storing

Each box has 14 four-ounce cocktails, so you will likely have leftovers after you break the seal. We recommend storing and enjoying your BarBox in the fridge for up 2 weeks for optimal freshness.

Unopened BarBox cocktails should be stored at room temp or a little cooler to help maintain freshness.

Now, go forth and get you some BarBox!