Holiday Flair: Garnishes


Get festive this holiday season with BarBox! Your holiday spirits deserve a bit of flair, so gather those seasonal garnishes and let’s get sipping. Here are our suggestions for cozy garnishes perfect for winter imbibing.


Use dried or dehydrated orange slices to get some citrus notes and add a cinnamon stick to your drink for bonus holiday cheer.


Cranberries are a staple at any holiday dinner table. Bring them to your glass! Add a few fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary to liven up your cocktail.

Gin Lemonade

Garnish your lemonade with a lemon wheel that has a Maraschino cherry pinned through it (like a sail) for an extra “cheery” drink.

Vodka Sour

To bring out the blueberry notes in our Blueberry Vodka Sour, add some fresh blueberries and a sprig (or two) of mint.


We love pomegranate seeds, especially during winter. For some color and bright flavor, add a small handful of pomegranate seeds to your marg.

Show us your creations on social media, use the hashtag #barboxholidaygarnish and tag us @barboxcocktails!


Cocktails with a Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


A cause near and dear to our hearts is Breast Cancer Awareness, which is why this year we’ve partnered with a local Tampa Bay program. For every BarBox sold in Florida during the month of October, we will donate $1 to our partner organization.

What can you do to support this cause near you? We put together this quick list of ways you can support Breast Cancer Awareness this month – it’s not too late!

Research Local Organizations

Local organizations have a huge impact on the communities they serve. What organizations are close to you? What kinds of programs do they run? Figure out what type of organization you’d like to support and how you can support their good work.

Participate in a Walk or Run

Every year, there are many fundraising and awareness events that not only provide amazing support to the cause, they are also a great way to get moving and meet new people.

Educate Yourself & Others

Learn the facts about breast cancer, why early screenings matter, and encourage the women in your life to get regular mammograms.

Purchase BarBox!

As we mentioned, we are partnering with an organization in the Tampa Bay area, so your purchase will help support this worthy cause.


BarBox Drinkology: Margarita


Everyone loves a margarita. In fact, it’s one of the most popular cocktails in the country, but where and when did the margarita take center stage?

The origin of the margarita is widely disputed with many mixologists laying claim its discovery and accounts dating back to the late 1930s. It’s perhaps based on a popular Mexican drink, the Daisy, which uses brandy instead of tequila, and margarita is the Spanish translation for “daisy.”

Our take on this popular classic cocktail includes our very own agave spirit distilled in-house using two hybrid-copper stills. With bright and zesty lime, candied orange peel and sweet agave aromas on the nose, our Margarita is refreshing and balanced on the palate, highlighted by the vibrant lime and citrus.

Fun fact: The salted rim on a margarita glass isn’t just for show. It helps to bring out the sweet + sour flavors of this classic cocktail.

As long as the weather calls for it, keep your beachside libations as refreshing as possible with our thirst-quenching Margarita—and don’t forget the salt!

As always, drink responsibly. Find BarBox near you!


BarBox Drinkology: Gin Lemonade


New to the BarBox cocktail family, our Gin Lemonade is making a splash this summer. While it may be perfect for a day at the beach or lounging poolside, this tart and tasty tipple can be enjoyed year-round.

Gin Lemonade – sometimes referred to as “London Lemonade” because of the base spirit – is similar to a Tom Collins without the carbonation. Our version of this beloved cocktail combines fresh lemon juice and simple syrup with our small-batch gin produced in-house, which adds a fruity and floral character bringing layers of depth to its refreshing profile.

To spruce up your Gin Lemonade, we suggest adding some club soda for a spritz, and fresh mint and a lemon wheel for garnish. The earthy quality of mint leaves works remarkably well with the botanical-packed gin and bright citrus flavors.

And because our Gin Lemonade comes in our signature eco-friendly packaging, you’ll have 14 four-ounce cocktails to go around. So, for your next gathering, bring along BarBox and be the hero of the day.

As always, drink responsibly. BarBox is available for purchase online, and in select stores and regions. Find BarBox near you!


BARBOX in Forbes


Entertaining this summer just got a bit easier as BarBox just released its two newest flavors.

This St. Petersburg, FL-based ready-to-drink company just released its first extension to its original lineup since its founding in November 2020. Joining its Cosmopolitan, Negroni, and Vodka Sour, are Gin Lemonade and Margarita.
“When we launched, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we expanded our offerings,” says Matthias Kozuba, who co-founded BarBox with his brother Jacob. “With a focus on classic cocktails and seasonality, we felt strongly about adding libations fit for summer.”

The two cocktails are right on trend. Lemonades, in the hard seltzer category, are trending, according to IWSR, and lemonade is also poised to be one of the top five drinking trends in 2021. Margaritas consistently top the list of “most popular cocktails” in many different surveys and studies. In 2019, Nielsen said the top-selling cocktail in the United States was the margarita.

“Nothing says summer like a fresh squeezed glass of ice-cold lemonade so a Gin Lemonade felt like the perfect fit for these hot, summer days,” says Matthias. “And a classic Margarita is just about as refreshing as it gets. We’re excited that BarBox lovers can now enjoy five classic cocktails in our collection. Who doesn’t love a Margarita poolside or enjoy a Gin Lemonade at a cookout?”

The cocktails themselves come high-proof in a box. Or rather, a sustainable, corrugated cardboard box with a bag and a spout inside. “In a market dominated by cans, the ‘bag-in-a-box’ format is unique from other RTD’s,” says Jacob.

Most RTD’s, he says, come in aluminum cans or glass bottles, and they’re in individual serving portion sizes. “It was important for us to remain an eco-friendly brand and use our sustainable and recyclable packaging while still offering a great flavor and a great price,” Jacob says.

The BarBox boxes offer 14 servings, of four ounces each, and if you only want a half a cocktail, the rest of the box remains fresh. “Because our cocktails are higher proof and come in a pour-spout valve system, they remain fresh, and they can be enjoyed over an extended period of time,” Matthias says. “There’s no need to finish it right away once it’s opened.”

“We saw a gap in sustainability across the board, and we felt strongly about putting out a product with as little carbon footprint as possible,” says Jacob.

Jacob says that the ‘bag-in-the-box’ format comes from Smurfit Kappa packaging. “This style of packaging was the right fit for BarBox,” he says. “Not only are we choosing the most eco-friendly option, but it fits your lifestyle. We want cocktail lovers to be able to take BarBox on the go and enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of your classic cocktails any time, any place.”

Both brothers are originally from Poland, and they learned the art of distilling spirits from their father Zbigniew “Papa” Kozuba while helping run the family Kozuba & Sons Distillery in Polland. When they decided to move the company to the United States, they chose St. Petersburg, FL, and they started the BarBox line. Each box of cocktails has a $24.99 SRP, and they can be ordered online here.


Two New RTDs Offer Boxes Of Summer Flavors


BarBox Releases Two New Ready-to-Drink Cocktails: Margarita and Gin Lemonade Just in Time for Summer

BarBox Adds These Classics to Their Delicious Lineup

St. Petersburg, FL (July 21, 2021) — BarBox today announced the addition of two new classics to their line of ready-to-drink cocktails: Margarita and Gin Lemonade. Available in select states in retail locations and online, BarBox is excited to introduce this dynamic duo for summertime enjoyment.

“We’ve been working on our product line and honing our recipes, and summer feels like the perfect time to release these new cocktails,” said co-founder Jacob Kozuba. “Who doesn’t love sipping on a Margarita poolside or at a cookout during the summer? And BarBox makes imbibing more convenient and easier to share.”

With the ready-to-drink market growing rapidly, these two new flavors, like the entire line of BarBox cocktails, stand out with their 40 proof and high-quality ingredients. The citrus-packed Margarita is refreshing and balanced, with quintessential Margarita qualities that make it approachable and delicious. The Gin Lemonade brings sweet and sour notes together with lemon and simple syrup, coupled with a soft herbal character.

BarBox is enthusiastic about offering new cocktails for those who love the ease and portability of their product. “Expanding our lineup just makes sense. Cocktail lovers expect variety, and we want to make it easy for BarBox enthusiasts to grab the drink that feels right in the moment,” co-founder Matthias Kozuba stated.

These new cocktails come in the company’s signature eco-friendly “bag-in-a-box” packaging. “It was important for us to remain an eco-friendly brand and use our sustainable and recyclable packaging, while still offering great flavor and price,” Jacob stated.

BarBox’s full classic cocktail lineup includes Cosmopolitan, Gin Lemonade, Margarita, Negroni, and Vodka Sour. Each BarBox is $24.99 SRP with 14 four-ounce cocktails per box. To order BarBox online or find BarBox at a retailer, visit

About BarBox

Matthias and Jacob Kozuba, brothers and Co-Founders of BarBox, grew up in Poland. They nurtured their love of distilling and spirits under the mentorship of their master distiller father, Zbigniew “Papa” Kozuba, while helping run the family Kozuba & Sons Distillery. When they decided to move the operation to the United States, they settled down in St. Petersburg, Florida. Matthias and Jacob saw an immediate opportunity for a ready-to-drink cocktail experience that spoke to the craft cocktail-loving, quality-driven, eco-conscious consumer. To learn more about BarBox, please visit or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BarBoxCocktails.

Florida RTD Distillery of 2021


We are proud to announce that Kozuba & Sons Distillery was named Florida RTD Distillery of the Year by the New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC). Woohoo!

The NYISC takes place annually in New York City, where international producers allow their products to be blind tasted by top buyers in the US market. Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded to the top tastes, in addition to recognition for top distilleries.

On top of being named Florida RTD Distillery of the Year, our BarBox Negroni received a Gold Medal and BarBox Vodka Sour received a Bronze Medal.

All are huge accomplishments, especially considering we went to market in February of this year!

Taste what the buzz is all about. Have you opened the box yet?

Drinkology: Negroni


Cinnamon, spice and everything nice…plus nutmeg, star anise, ginger, and chamomile. These are just a handful of the herbs and spices that make up our Negroni’s bitter liqueur giving it its distinctive flavor.

This well-loved Italian classic cocktail was discovered in 1919 and is typically served on the rocks garnished with an orange peel. Our Negroni is comprised of gin, bitter liqueur (see above), white wine with natural flavors.

To kick off a meal, serve a Negroni cocktail with a charcuterie plate of uncured meats and salty, strong cheeses. The Negroni with its bitter liqueur acts as a palate cleanser, and it gives you a reason to serve a strong drink out of the gate. Or add some seltzer water to lighten things up!

We hear dads love a good Negroni, so with Father’s Day coming up – do what’s best for the man and serve up a BarBox Negroni.

Available for purchase online, and in select stores and regions.


Drinkology: Cosmopolitan


This month, we’re delivering a little cosmic love for the Cosmo in our ongoing Drinkology series. When you think of a Cosmo, you may think: Carrie Bradshaw and “the girls”. We think: a classically delicious cocktail enjoyable for any occasion.   

That’s right. You don’t need to be in a nightclub in New York City or LA to enjoy this delightfully crisp, celebrity-loving beverage. Picnic in the park? Make it a Cosmo picnic. Boating with the boys? Bring a Cosmo along for your sea-bound adventure. Bonfire beach bash? You know where we’re going…

We use lemon-infused vodka, triple sec, and all-natural cranberry and lime juices to make our Cosmo perfectly balanced between sweet and sour.

Not only is our Cosmo tasty, BarBox makes adventuring with cocktails even easier. Great for groups, each BarBox serves 14 four-ounce cocktails, but we won’t judge you if you make your Cosmo a double.

And, if you want your BarBox to go even further, make it a spritzer! Add a little seltzer or soda water to your cocktail, add ice, garnish with lemon, and your Cosmo is perfect for a sunny day.

As always, drink responsibly, and go ahead…open the box. Available for purchase online and in select stores and regions.


Puttin’ on the Spritz


With summer just around the corner, the best day-drinking is on the horizon. Admittedly, we like our drinks strong, but strong drinks and day-drinking don’t always go hand-in-hand. We don’t know about you, but when we find ourselves enjoying a few cocktails on a hot summer afternoon and want the day (and drinks!) to last, we reach for a spritzer.

Spritzer? Isn’t that typically made with wine? Perhaps, but you can make a spritzer out of just about anything. And our cocktails are aptly blended, so when you want to lighten your drink and add a little fizziness, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied with the refreshing flavor.

Pop, pour, add ice, garnish, and then top your BarBox cocktail off with as much fizz as you like, and voila! Soda water or seltzer will do, and you’ll be happy to get more mileage out of your BarBox while you spend time imbibing and adventuring with friends.

Make the day last. Make it a BarBox spritzer.