BarBox Drinkology: Gin Lemonade


New to the BarBox cocktail family, our Gin Lemonade is making a splash this summer. While it may be perfect for a day at the beach or lounging poolside, this tart and tasty tipple can be enjoyed year-round.

Gin Lemonade – sometimes referred to as “London Lemonade” because of the base spirit – is similar to a Tom Collins without the carbonation. Our version of this beloved cocktail combines fresh lemon juice and simple syrup with our small-batch gin produced in-house, which adds a fruity and floral character bringing layers of depth to its refreshing profile.

To spruce up your Gin Lemonade, we suggest adding some club soda for a spritz, and fresh mint and a lemon wheel for garnish. The earthy quality of mint leaves works remarkably well with the botanical-packed gin and bright citrus flavors.

And because our Gin Lemonade comes in our signature eco-friendly packaging, you’ll have 14 four-ounce cocktails to go around. So, for your next gathering, bring along BarBox and be the hero of the day.

As always, drink responsibly. BarBox is available for purchase online, and in select stores and regions. Find BarBox near you!