Drinkology: Vodka Sour


Each month, we’re serving up insider information and tidbits about our classic BarBox cocktails. Up first, we bring you: Vodka Sour. As you may know, the British Navy is credited with popularizing the sour.

A traditional “Sour” contains three ingredients: the base spirit, lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener. We use lemon juice in our sour, and we’ve added a twist to this classic concoction by infusing our house-made simple syrup with real blueberries, giving our Vodka Sour its purple-tinged hue and hint of blueberry flavor.

Imagine yourself sailing the seven seas (or maybe just hanging out on the beach or camp fireside with friends) sipping on this strong, yet delightfully balanced cocktail that was ready to drink straight from our bag-in-a-box Better Planet Packaging. We do the work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy craft cocktails on the go. And with 14 four-oz cocktails per box, there’s plenty to go around.

Hot cocktail enjoyment tip: add some club soda or seltzer to any BarBox cocktail to make it a spritzer. Perfect for those warm, inviting days.

With spring in the air, the great outdoors is calling to us all, so why not be the hero and bring the bar with you? Your friends will thank you.

Available for purchase online and in select stores, now is the time to open the box.